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Patti Armbrister

Hello! I am Patti Armbrister.

I am driven by a passion to provide a healthier, more resilient future for my son and future generations. My goal is to pave the way for other growers, gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and schools to be able to use soil health practices to grow healthy nutritious food that tastes more than amazing; food that is dense in nutrients. Food that can be used as medicine. Food that can heal people's health. Food that can grow healthier, happier humans and nourishes our bodies". I have a vision that people from all over the world heal the planet with soil health, one person at a time. I can help you be successful in creating great soils so you can grow anything you desire to grow!

Would you like to join me? I can help you to be successful in creating great soils that you will be able to grow anything you desire to grow!

Call me and let’s get started today growing a healthy regenerative future. You can grow healthy nutritious food this year, without starting a tiller, or fighting with weeds and pests. Let’s visit so you can Grow Wise in 2022!


“To teach and show people how to build healthy soils and grow nourishing food for a healthier life. I offer the connection between healthy soil and nutrient-dense food, healthy people, healthy life, healthy world by helping people build healthy soils. My goal is to make a difference in the world.”


“ To help people & place to grow healthy soils to provide healthier food for a regenerative future – one garden, farm, ranch, school and community at a time.””


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What we do

We create informational videos, provide classes, present workshops, presentations, private coaching sessions and most of all answer your questions. Our goal is to provide HOPE & REAL Help for you to grow wiser, create healthy soil, grow better plants, and wisely grow food so healthy that it can be used as medicine.

Let's start today.

Coaching Sessions over phone
Coaching on site
Provide Classes, Workshops, Presentations
Practical knowledge you can understand and apply right away
Answers to your Questions

My Goal is for you to Grow Wiser and successfully grow healthier food.

Who can we help?

We can help anyone that is willing to grow plants. Whether you are a backyard gardener, market gardener, or a large farm or ranch. Patti can give you HOPE and REAL Help, no matter the size or scale.

  • Farming

    The Wiser Grower Guru can help farmers, no matter if you are farming a small farm or a Mufti-sections of land. Whether if you are starting your farm or if you have been farming for decades or somewhere In between. The Wise Grower Guru can help you to farm with regenerative practices improving soils, reduce input cost, reduce pest, disease and weed pressures, improve your soil to be more resilient to drought and flooding, reduce soil erosion and much more. No matter your goal the Wiser Grower Guru can help you to be successful in reaching your goals and imputing your bottom line.

  • Gardening

    The Wiser Grower Guru can help the home garden, no matter if you are growing on a patio or a large garden. Whether if you are starting your first garden or if you have been gardening for decades or somewhere In between. The Wise Grower Guru can help you to grow with regenerative practices. As long as your goal is to grow Healthy and nutritious foods that can be used as medicine, The Wiser Grower Guru can help you to be successful!

  • Ranching

    The Wiser Grower Guru can help the rancher, no matter if you have a small herd or a large spread. Whether if you are starting your first ranching experience or if you have been ranching for decades or somewhere In between. The Wise Grower Guru can help you to ranch with regenerative practices and improve your soils. Reduce weed pressures, increase AUM without increase large size, improve your water holding capabilities, recolonizing dung beetles, matching your genetic to your environment, the list could go on. The Wise Grower Guru has a lifetime of cattle experiences that can help you to reach you soil health and Regenerative goals.

  • Composting

    The Wiser Grow Guru can teach you to create compost That is teaming with life. Whether if you're a backyard grower, Market gardener, or a large scale farm or ranch, if your Goal is to make great compost the Wiser Grower Guru can Help you to become successful.

  • Farm to School

    The Wiser Grower Guru can help your school to Not only start a farm to school program, we can help you to be successful year after year. Patti started And is still running the Hinsdale Outdoor Classroom, A very successful F2S in eastern Montana. No matter The size of your school the Wise Grower Guru and Help you to meet your goals. Specializing in reduce food waste, decreasing food miles, increasing local Foods, teaching students to grow food in school and help your students to eat wiser by eating Healthier food in school. No matter your goal the Wiser Grower Guru can help you to be successful in reaching your F2S goals.

  • Market Gardener

    The Wiser Grower Guru can help the market garden, no matter if you are growing in your backyard or a Have several acres of market garden. Whether if you are starting your first garden or if you have been growing for decades or somewhere In between. The Wise Grower Guru can help you to grow with regenerative practices, improve your soil health reduce your pest and weed pressures, improve on your water usage. No matter your goal the Wiser Grower Guru can help you to be successful In reaching your goals


Gabe Brown

One of the pioneers of the current soil health movement which focuses on the regeneration of our resources.Gabe and his son Paul own and operate Brown’s Ranch and Nurtured by Nature farm raised food to plate sales online, in Bismarck North Dakota.

"I strongly recommend that any farmer or rancher who wants to increase the profitability of their operation seek a professional who is experienced in regenerative agriculture. Patti Armbrister has that experience. Having practiced a very successful career in farming and ranching Patti knows what it take to restore profitability to the industry. She understands soil biology and how soil ecosystems function which is the basis for all we do in farming and ranching. Call Patti today!"
Webpage: Brown's Ranch

Nicole Masters

Director and Researcher of Soil Integrity– Nicole is simply a master storyteller, agroecologist, regenerator, soil health wizard, and one of the best educators in the world!

Under construction
Webpage: Integrity Soils

Molly Haviland

Certified Soil Life Consultant and Soil Building Expert for Haviland Earth Regeneration

"The Agrarian Food Web & the WiseGrowerGuru is a demonstration of establishing resiliency, rural and urban interdependence. There passion of waste-stream cycling for field fertility and for education is exactly what our communities need. Patti is an excellent educator and change-maker who's curiosity for increasing soil health will keep The WiseGRowerGuru as a heavy hitter when it comes to soil health in Montana."
Webpage: The Microherder's Manifesto

Robin Kelson

As Executive Director of AERO, Montana’s grassroots sustainability organization for over 45 years, and owner of The Good Seed Company, Robin dedicates herself to helping build resilient, values-based community food systems, because reliable access to healthy food is key to our sustainability as a species.

Trained professional consultants experienced in regenerative agriculture are still rare and hard to find. We are incredibly lucky in Montana to have Patti Armbrister. A successful farmer, rancher and educator, at home on large acreage ranches and small market farms, Patti combines clear, plain-spoken communications with practical, cost-effective consulting that brings positive results . A keen observer of nature, skilled listener, and whole systems thinker, Patti dedicates herself to helping her clients be successful and profitable.
Webpage: The Good Seed Company

Lora & Dave Reinhardt

Garden in Hinsdale, Patti the Reinhardt in developing their highly successful regenerative garden that features a living mulch, do no dig practices, and created a honey bee nectary from early spring to frost!

"Patti was instrumental in persuading and guiding me to go no-till and planting the living mulch in between the rows. I am very pleased with the way my garden has turned out. It is a pleasure to see the results with the soil becoming healthy and having a productive garden again. Three years ago my soil was so hard I had to dig my carrots with our Bobcat. Today my garden soil is beautiful, rich, healthy, and soft enough to dig in with my hands. All because using no-till and regenerative practices.”

Charley Overbay

Owner Operator C&S Produce Organic Dryland Market Grower. Annual production on five acres growing organic high nutrient dense food. Primary crops: native corn, winter squash, pumpkins, and potatoes. Marketing in the Big Sandy, Ft. Benton, Harve, Great Falls Area

“I just watched Patti Moss Armbrister video! Patti and I are good friends. I consider her a great mentor! If you are going to spend time learning about gardening, use some of that time to look up her website and videos.”

Lindy Dewey

Lindy Dewey, Owner of SpiritWorks Herb Farm and Retreat Center, Whitefish, MT. Lindy is a healing arts practitioner, herb farmer and wellness retreat center owner who mentors those who come to her farm in wellness nature-based lifestyles and regenerative agricultural practices.

"Patti has taught several classes to members of our community on our farm. Her workshops have been well attended and everyone has loved her teaching. Patti is a hands on teacher who easily engages her participants. She has a deep commitment to helping people transition to regenerative agricultural practices and works easily with a diverse population of participants, home gardeners to larger commercial growers, in in the same group. She has identified and shares the resources needed to apply the principles she teaches. Patti knows what works well and is great at helping people to embrace new concepts. May you too find the extraordinary value of her teaching in a nutrient rich harvest grown in the best soil full of diverse life."
Webpage: SpiritWorks Herb Farm

Julie Gaffney

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Craig & Connie French

"Patti has been an inspiration to us as we've begun our journey towards a more holistic style of management. She has provided the "push" when we needed it, is a fun & gifted teacher & encourages us through our challenges. She is a valued source of information & a good friend." "Patti's excitement & passion for regenerative agriculture is contagious, we're lucky to have found her - or that she found us!"

Steve Charter

Owner 2Lazy2 Ranch Shepherd Montana, 200 head cow calf ranching on 8000 native rangeland, holistic management, agriculture size vermicast operation, applying biological amendments, and promoting dung beetles on his ranch.

These are challenging times for farmers and ranchers. If we are to survive we will need methods to reduce our input cost and maintain or increase our production. Patti is on the cutting edge of exploring and applying these promising regenerative practices Patti not only has great knowledge of how to work with nature rather than fight against it but she also knows farmers and ranchers and how to work with them. Patti is a valuable resource to our rural eg communities. Her work deserves all the support we can give her and I would highly recommend her valuable guidance.

Aubree Roth

Montana Farm to School Coordinator, Montana Team Nutrition Program Montana State Lead, National Farm to School Network. Aubree is the lead for everything Farm to School in Montana, Harvest of the Month and much more.

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Nikki Reed

Whitefish Montana Center For Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

Patti has been generous and kind to the center. ”You are worth millions, I wish we could pay you what you are worth. Thank you for sharing your passion, time & expertise with our school. Your presence comforts and inspires me. Thank you!”

Marketta Turner

Owner of Keeta's Soft Touch, Glasgow, MT

“Patti's ability to identify problems with soil health and hands on approach to teaching provides you with amazing results. Her knowledge of how to start with the soil microbes to create a healthy garden, yard, field ect. without using harmful chemicals will change your life. She is able to give you practical easy ways to create the wonderful gardens and yards you have been dreaming of. She can provide knowledge specific to you and your questions and problems that is impossible to find anywhere else. The results of her detailed services will save you time, money and prevent years of frustration and failure.”
Webpage: Keeta Soft Touch

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