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small leafFarming

Soil health principles
Diversity at Farm Scale- Peas & Sunflower
Test Your Own Soil Health- Slake Test "Which soil is cleaning the water?"
Conventional Carrots- Compacted Soil Regenerative Agriculture Can Fix Compaction
Soil should be Teaming with Life
Teaching Soil Health

small leafRanching

Range Improvement
"Putting Genetics to Work" Beef Cattle Management
Matching Genetic to your Range Conditions
Collecting Dung Beetles "How Is Your Ranch Soil Health?"
Dung Pat or Cow Patty "Is your Dung Dead or Alive?"

small leafFarm to School

Farm to School Meal
Farm to School Green House Instruction
Hinsdale Outdoor classroom
Outdoor Classroom Construction
Hinsdale Passive Solar Greenhouse Instruction crew

small leafGardening

Plant Diversity
Starting No Dig Garden
Backyard no dig food
First Year Regenerative Garden
Regenerative Farming, Gardening, Growing is Beyond Organic.

small leafComposting

Hot Composting
Hot Thermal Compost- Stackable bid style great for the backyard
Compost No-Dig Garden Beds
Windrow Composting at Agriculture Scale

small leafMarket Gardener

Deep Mulch Growing
Greenhouse Production
Ag Educators
Market Garden- Ready for the Chef
Season Extension Low Tunnel Production
No Dig Potato Production
Regenerative Greenhouse "Hot Water Heat in the Floor"

small leafExperts in the Field

Dr Jill Clapperton & Patti Armbrister
Gabe Brown & Patti Armbrister
Nicole Masters & Patti Armbrister
Patti and Jay Fuhrer Menoken Regenerative Agriculture Demonstration Farm
Jonathan Lundgren of Blue Dasher